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 We only board for our own clients.  We are a small facility but we have a large area for your pet to run and play during the day. At night we make sure your pet is nice and warm/cool while they sleep and lounge . We do not overbook so you pet will always be loved and cared for. 


We know how special you pets are to you and how at times when you are away you think about how they are doing. Because of that we always take up to date photos and send emails or videos so you can be at peace


Hi Hubert-


Hope you're well. The dogs are doing quite well- Mystic ceratinly seems to have a positive effect on Max and they do well together.  We have our moments, of course-- 


We are about to get our fence redone and are getting a run put in as well.  So all in all we're in good shpae.


But I did want to remind you that we would like to board the dogs with you when we go away.  Please book us if you can.


Stay well and I hope you had a nice Memorial Day.





Look forward to seeing you on Monday. Max and Misty are doing great, spending most of the day outside playing and laying in the sun. They are eating well . It s funny because when I feed them they run over to where i have your leashes and smell them each time. I guess its their way to be with you each day.

We hope you are having a great vacation!!! When you get back, please give us a heads up as to what time you will be here on Monday.
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