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K9 Union Importers

265 Lonesome Lane

Palmerton, PA 18071



Cell: 570-249-4311

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This agreement/contract is between:                                 Date: _______________________


K9 Union Importers LLC                                                  Buyer: ______________________   ___________________________________

265 Lonesome Ln.                              and                           

Palmerton PA. 18071                                                       Address: _____________________                                                                              






The Veterinarian Health Certificate guarantees this puppy/dog to be in good health, free of communicable diseases and defects and does not appear to be clinically ill from parasitic infections. The puppy will have had its first vaccines and will have been dewormed. The first vaccination/deworming record will be provided for your puppy. Future parasites can NOT be guaranteed. A second opinion from K9 Union Importers Veterinary of choice shall be required for all medical emergencies. Failure to do so shall result in voiding your right to any reimbursement of medical expenses for your puppy/dog.


Buyer and Seller agrees that the puppy/dog has an excellent temperament at the time of sale. No future guarantees are given regarding your puppy’s future temperament and any aesthetics which is not life threatening.


Seller is providing limited AKC registration unless otherwise stated in writing. Buyer understands that the puppy/dog will be registered with limited AKC registration and cannot be bred. Breeding without written authorization from K9 Union Importers, LLC will void this contract and subject the buyer to legal action.


This contract applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Deposits are non-refundable. All sales are final. 

K9 Union Importers is following the Pennsylvania Dog Purchaser Protection Act known as the Puppy Lemon Law. The seller is providing a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, a health book, limited AKC registration, a copy of PDPPA (puppy lemon law) and a copy of this agreement/contract. By signing below I acknowledge that I received all of the paperwork mentioned above.

This contract is agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller and both will retain a copy for his/her records at the time of the final sale. The purchaser has read and understands and agrees to the above provisions. By signing I agree to be bound by the signature I affix below. All of the information provided is true to the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief.


K9 Union Importers     AKC litter registration #______________________________  Sex:____



Seller: ____________________________________ 



Buyer: ____________________________________                                             

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