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Keeping our puppies healthy, strong, and socialized is our main priority. We define beauty by having an excellent personality and temperament along with the physical characteristices of a European German Shepherd - the classic red double coat and the classic black saddle. 


We always have the sire and the dam play and teach the puppies from day one. There is no better teacher for a puppy then their loving well behaved parent. As soon as they are given their first shots we try and have them out and about experiencing what life has to offer which only makes them mentally and emotionally more stable. 


Hi, Just wanted you to know that all is great with Lexy! She is so well behaved yet very puppyish.  We go for 2-3 walks a day, the morning being the long one.  She has been very curious in the house, like barking at herself in the mirror.  It is a real joy having her with us.  I have searched the net for Schutzhund clubs or classes,but the closest one is down by Harrisburg.  Do you know of any books or trainers I could read from for basic commands and such?  Or would it be worth my time to spend time with you for some training?  I want her to continue to excel. Jan


Hi Huber!!



Sorry it has taken so long to write. I just wanted to catch you up on Bella's puppy hood. Bella has grown in leaps and bounds and we couldn't be happier with her. We have been working closely with a trainer since we brought her home in November. She  has grown to be a very BEAUTIFUL girl. Everywhere we go people comment on her looks and disposition!!! She is sweet, loving and friendly.Our Vet just loves her!! He has Shepards as well and always tells us  how beautiful and sweet she is!! 

One day on the beach a woman asked us what kind of dog she was, when I told her she looked back at her own German Shepard a little puzzled and asked where we purchased her!! You cannot believe the difference in their looks. Our Trainer has trained over 3000 dogs and says she is one of the best looking  Shepard's he has ever seen!!! 


Bella is quite the talker as well, I never knew Shepards were talkers, thought they were stoic and quiet!! really entertaining!!!! She was just spayed and had her hernia taken care of and she is doing very well. I will send pictures of Bella soon!!!



Thanks for such a wonderful, loving family pet.


Patty McCormack


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