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Hey this is John Dolan, This is a video of fritz at 4 Months old.

Hi Hubert,


I just wanted to say thank you for helping me choose the puppy that best fit me. Zeus is extremely intelligent!

He was housebroken within 2 weeks and learned some of the basic commands in about 4-6 weeks.

I was impressed with how quickly he picked things up.

He's been around quite a few people, young children and other dogs and was always well behaved and had a great temperment

with everyone he's encountered. 

He also loves to "talk." Whether its out of displeasure or love he is always making some noise or another. He cracks me up!


As with all of the dogs you showed me when I visited, he is a beautiful Shepherd.

Everyone whose seen him and knows anything about Shepherds has been truly impressed with how "Regal" he looks.

He's almost 5 months old now and is already a lean 53 lbs. It looks like he's going to be a big boy!


Thanks again for such a great dog! I've already recommended you to friends who may be looking for a GSD in the future.





Hi Huber!!



Sorry it has taken so long to write. I just wanted to catch you up on Bella's puppy hood. 

Bella has grown in leaps and bounds and we couldn't be happier with her. We have been working closely with a trainer since we

brought her home in November. She  has grown to be a very BEAUTIFUL girl. Everywhere we go people comment on her looks

and disposition!!! She is sweet, loving and friendly.

Our Vet just loves her!! He has Shepards as well and always tells us  how beautiful and sweet she is!! 

One day on the beach a woman asked us what kind of dog she was, when I told her she looked back at her own German Shepard

a little puzzled and asked where we purchased her!!

You cannot believe the difference in their looks.

Our Trainer has trained over 3000 dogs and says she is one of the best looking  Shepard's he has ever seen!!!


Bella is quite the talker as well, I never knew Shepards were talkers, thought they were stoic and quiet!! really entertaining!!!!

She was just spayed and had her hernia taken care of and she is doing very well. I will send pictures of Bella soon!!!



Thanks for such a wonderful, loving family pet.


Patty McCormack



Hello, Hubert,


I just thought I'd take a few minutes to let you know how we pleased we are with our new GSD puppy (Blitz).

She is adjusting to us, our home, and her new 'big brother' just fine.

She seems very happy, and is constantly surprising us with her intelligence.

She is truly a wonderful girl and a great addition to our family!!! Thank you so much!

I will send you pictures in a little while, if you'd like.


Thank you again,

Sherie Miller Cunningham




Hello Hubert-


Just an update on Maximus.  He's doing quite well- we have been trying to socialize him as much as possible

and he has been doing very well.  He's doing great with my kids and basic command training has been good.


His ears have popped up, and his coloring is really changing.  And, he has a wonderful personality. 

Everywhere we go he turns heads and people want to meet him.  He is a very special dog.


Now that he's been here a while I will let you in on a secret: the day we came out to get him,

I told my wife that "we are making this trip basically just to see if everything Hubert said about the dog was true,

because if it is, this is a done deal and we've got our dog."


One thing- we are using the pro-plan like you said, and 2 weeks ago he weighed in at 27 pounds at the vet. 

He is getting a total of 4 cups a day.  He does seem thin, which I remember you said you prefer,

but does that sound like a good amount?  The chart on the bag is tough to go by.


Please let me know what you think.  We'll send you a picture soon also.


Thanks again and stay well-Rick






Hi,Hubert and John


    Just wanted to update you and let you guys know how its going with Bella. My family and I couldn't be happier with her she is great. She has bonded closely with my family and loves my two daughters. She is highly intelligent and and very easy to train. My daughters enjoy playing hide and seek with her where they run and hide somewhere on our property and I send Bella on a 20ft. lead and she tracks them and finds them no matter where they hide They think that's great. She is growing fast and is a big girl.  I really don't have any concerns for her at this point my only question for you guys is when should I expect her ears to stand?She is three months old now. They were up for about a week and then went back down and are floppy. I just want to know if this is normal or am I supposed to have them tape.


                    Thank You,

   Robert Santangelo and Family




Hi, Just wanted you to know that all is great with Lexy! She is so well behaved yet very puppyish.  We go for 2-3 walks a day, the morning being the long one.  She has been very curious in the house, like barking at herself in the mirror.  It is a real joy having her with us.  I have searched the net for Schutzhund clubs or classes,but the closest one is down by Harrisburg.  Do you know of any books or trainers I could read from for basic commands and such?  Or would it be worth my time to spend time with you for some training?  I want her to continue to excel. Jan




Bree enjoying day at the beach.  She is doing great, took her camping with us to ocean city md. She was the best dog at the campsite. Every one there complimented us on how beautiful she is. Bree was very friendly with all dogs of every size and type. She only barked when some one walked  up on us then she stood on our side well behaved.  You picked the best pet for us and we love her very much.

Hello, Hubert,I just thought I'd take a few minutes to let you know how we pleased we are with our new GSD puppy (Blitz). She is adjusting to us, our home, and her new 'big brother' just fine. She seems very happy, and is constantly surprising us with her intelligence. She is truly a wonderful girl and a great addition to our family!!! Thank you so much! I will send you pictures in a little while, if you'd like.Thank you againSherie Miller CunninghamESL TeacherRoom C5Dieruff High SchoolHome of the Huskies815 N. Irving StreetAllentown, PA 18109" The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."                                                       - Aristotle

So proud of Jax. Completed 3 weeks of obedience training with Hubert and his crew. So happy with the results. About a 4 hour drive to get there and back; completely worth the time and effort. You guys did a wonderful job. Thanks
Hello Mr. Hubert,

Just wanted to let you know that Axel is doing very well after his training with you. He has almost done a 180 in that all of his mischievous behavior is gone: no more biting, pulling carpet, ignoring commands, pulling the leash, or jumping on people. But he still has his cute quirks like running laps around the house before breakfast and groaning after he wakes up from a nap. And whenever we take him out for a walk or to a store, we always get compliments on how handsome, big, and well mannered he is. Thank you so much for the amazing training and for working with us to make sure his transition in to our family was successful!

-The Jayamaha Family 
Hi Hubert and Staff,
I am so proud of my Sarge I got from you. He just finished up with his obedience training with you. He is a very intelligent dog. Hubert also trained me in the techniques used to train my dogs. Hoping to also have Hubert train my male dog in protection. I am so impressed and have faith in Hubert, I am purchasing an another  puppy from him for my granddaughter. This is my second dog trained and purchased at K9 Union. I would highly recommend anyone to get a dog from K9 Union. Thank you Hubert.
      Sandy Jones
Hello Hubert,
I just want to say how impressed I am with you dogs. I did purchase my female at 6 months old from K9 Union and I had nothing but pleasure owning her. She is a wonderful dog. When she came back from K9 Union from her first obedience training I noticed a big difference in her behavior. She became more alert and protective of me. I am planing to send her back in spring for her training in protection. Thank you guys for all the work you did.
I've known K9 Union Importers for over 10 years now. In that time I've purchased 2 protection dogs and just recently an older puppy. I love these guys, they're like my family and I'm so grateful for all the time that Hubert gave me and for all our discussions before I made my decision to commit. I have 30 acres of land and I gotta say that having  my piasans Apollo and Zeus  and now Cleo, patrol, I feel very protected.

Hi Hubert!

What a remarkable change in Niko.....   Thank you for whatever it is you have done.  George mentioned we should consider getting another dog to keep Niko company.  I'm thinking about it very seriously.    


Have a safe and productive trip.... We will be in touch with you.




Hey Hubert, it's  Kathy  just wanted to give you an update on our pup we got from you.  Miller's boy.  His name is Ruger and he is my best friend. He is a unbelievable smart dog and is leaning fast. I'm still looking into training classes or a possibility a personal trainer or dvd's  to teach him and myself.  I'm going to send you some pictures of him. Just wanted to touch base. 
This is my new addition to my family . Her name is Linda and she is a English Lab. I got her from K-9 Union Importers. She is a great dog and as you can see we are both in training from the owner and I highly recommend him for training and to purchase a great dog.
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